The first of all Health Monitor - gas analyzer. A Health monitor's work is based on emission spectroscopy in the visible range of the glow discharge's wavelengths. The usage of an ultra-high vacuum or cryogenic temperature is not required. The sensor is indifferent to the water steams presence in an exhaled air and possesses a high spectral selectance.The monitor is constructed of non-toxic materials, sans the ionization radiation. The device is isolated with no impact on the environment, as well as on the vital activity of any organism. Device usage for the sakes of finding out an explosive, and poisonous materials is practicable, once the Health monitor is upgraded. A device installed in any room can monitor gases indicating the presence of explosive, narcotic or other substances.
how it WORKS
High selectivity of the Health Monitor device allow to detect more than 600 gases, the spectra of which can be shares with any supported electronic device for the subsequent analysis. A suitable device installed in any room can monitor the presence of a gas that indicates the presence of explosive, narcotic or other substances. Uniform distribution of devices in the territory of the plant, airport or other densely populated place, allowing monitoring without visible human intervention, sending a signal of danger to the desired device.
It is necessary to constantly measure the level of radon and carbon monoxide in your home. Both gases are the most dangerous and the most common. Carbon monoxide causes deaths at home in average 235 times per year. While radon causes around 21,000 deaths per year.
Radon is radiation
Health experts recommend to minimize to exposure to all forms of radiation including x-rays, nuclear radiation and solar radiation, but especially radon because of its ability to mutate cells within the human body.
Among the causes of lung cancer, the inhalation of radon contained in the air, by the degree of danger, comes second after tobacco smoking. Radon causes cancer, but does not cause headaches, nausea or other illness feelings. Most of the people will not know they have cancer until they hear it from their doctor.
Carbon monoxide
Another most dangerous substance is carbon monoxide, which occurs when fossil fuels are burned. A carbon monoxide leak may be caused by a faulty heating system or a malfunctioning gas generator.
Carbon monoxide poisoning
Symptoms of poisoning are difficult to recognize. The first signs of toxic action and poisoning caused by the small concentration of carbon monoxide are: lachrymation, headache and dizziness, etc.
As in the case of radon, Health Monitor will warn you if the consentration of carbon monoxide becomes critical for your health. Thus, the Health Monitor combines health control and a household gas analyzer.
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