The human exhalation contains more than 750 volatile compounds

Exhalation analysis of the training process, which was previously available only in sports of the highest achievements.

- metabolic profile
- anaerobic threshold
- aerobic threshold
- lipolysis
- glycolysis
It is scientifically proven that sports training induces an immediate reaction to the exhaled gases
HEALTHMONITOR® - A high-tech gas analyzer that performs rapid testing by measuring the quantity, concentration, and ratio of gases released during breathing.
HEALTHMONITOR® SPORT is a tool for efficient training planning and assessment of your current fitness level.
- One test takes 1-2 minutes.
- The results are displayed and stored in a mobile application.
- Certified in European Union.
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Sports lovers, who regularly use the HEALTHMONITOR® SPORT gas analyzer, get the maximum efficiency of their workouts and reduce the time to achieve results.

With HEALTHMONITOR® SPORT, your company will attract new customers by providing an innovative service that was previously only available to the chosen professionals.

About 40% of HEALTHMONITOR® users share positive emotions on social networks, which will undoubtedly set you apart from your competitors.
HEALTHMONITOR® SPORT can be used by up to 90 people in 12 hours.
More than 60% of fitness center visitors use the device as an effective training aid.
Become the exclusive owner of the device in your region during 2021-2022. [when purchasing more than 5 devices in a city with a population of fewer than 400,000 people]
Developed jointly with the Russian Academy of Sciences
In recent decades the primary device for training effectiveness analysis in the fitness industry is the heart rate monitor built into a bicycle or treadmill. However, from a biological point of view, a high heart rate is not a guarantee of effective training.
The analysis of the training process with the HEALTHMONITOR® SPORT gas analyzer is based on the measurement of more than 30 exhaled gases simultaneously, such as O2, CO2, H2, Acetone, Isoprene, Isopropanol, Butane, NO, methane, etc.
The entire analysis is based on the individual physiological response to sports loads.

Exhalation is recorded several times during workout:
01. Before training & During the warm-up
02. Several times during training
03. During the hitch phases
What HEALTHMONITOR® defines:
Anaerobic threshold
is the highest level of intensity that a person can withstand for a long time without significant concentration of lactate. When the anaerobic threshold is exceeded, anaerobic metabolism rises, and lactate builds up in the blood, causing the muscles to harden.
is fat burning, the process of breaking down fats into their constituent fatty acids under the action of the lipase enzyme. The process is directly related to weight loss, body fat reduction, and lean muscle mass increase.
The aerobic threshold
is the moment when lactate levels begin to rise in the blood. A higher aerobic threshold allows you to exercise at a higher intensity and not build up lactate in your blood.
is the breakdown of glucose with the release of energy. The only universal fuel in the human body is glucose. All substances, before being "burned" in the human body, break down to glucose.
The metabolic profile
is an index that reflects the combination of the processes occurring in the body. Its parameters are individual and have no threshold norms. The main indicator is the stability of this index over a long period of time. A deviation of more than 25% indicates an emerging pathology in the human body.
How it works
Before training, the athlete installs the HEALTHMONITOR® mobile application where he fills in personal information (weight, height, age, type of load, etc.). The mobile application is synchronized with the gas analyzer and identifies the user by QR code before each test.
The client exhales into a disposable paper mouthpiece. Test results are displayed on the monitor and in the mobile application. It is recommended to be tested after each group of exercises for specific muscles.
With the help of the HEALTHMONITOR® testing, the fitness center client will find out when the fat burn process started, when its' effectiveness began to decline and what kind of exercises maximize the speed of lipolysis in his individual case.
The unique patented HEALTHMONITOR® technology is based on the measurement of glow discharge at visible wavelengths using emission spectroscopy.
The image of the exhalation spectrum of a person, as well as his face, is unique and has great specificity. When analyzing exhalation, a combined approach is used - determination of gases and their concentrations + analysis of a neural network.

The neural network is trained on the collected statistics and identifies the relationship between biomarkers and
curves of changes in the concentration of volatile organic compounds in dynamics.

The neural network isolates different types of groups, classes and subclasses, highlighting parts of the spectrum that are specific for each class and learns to predict the further curve of changes individually for each athlete.
For example, the analysis of fat burning measures the change in ketone bodies - the isoprene and acetone gases. Isoprene is actively released in the first phase of the warm-up, due to the breakdown of cholesterol. Due to the fact that isoprene has a lower affinity for blood comparing to acetone, when cholesterol is released from muscle fibers, its concentration can increase to 300-500%.
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