The world's first device for non-invasive diagnostics of blood glucose level, lung cancer, stomach ulcer and diabetes
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In modern medicine the problem of timely diagnosis of diseases at an early stages is one of the most acute. In most cases, invasive diagnosis carries a number of disadvantages: the need for direct presence of the patient for examination in the clinic, sometimes expensive service and the need for re-diagnosis, painfulness and the consequences associated with exposure to co-factors such as radiation dose, anesthesia, etc.

Health Monitor - the world's first device for non invasive diagnosis of lung cancer, stomach ulcers and diabetes.
Teplo-Export S.R.O. is a manufacturer of the high-tech analyzing gas device that uses the technology of emission spectroscopy in the visible wavelength range of glow discharge. We are already selling this device for private use and to companies professionally engaged in vending business.

Health Monitor
The world's first device for non-invasive diagnostics of diabetes, stomach ulcer and lung cancer.
Interview with S.N. Atutov
Health Monitor
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Have you ever wondered how serious complications of type 2 diabetes are? Lesions of the limbs right up to amputation, severe problems from the cardiovascular system and vision, and much more. The statistics are disappointing, but you can avoid these things if you know some facts about the prevention of diabetes. The importance of early diagnosis can not be underestimated, and from the video you will know why. Using Health Monitor, you can measure glucose level as much as you need without blood sampling. That's very convenient and cheap new technology, which is very helpful for diabetics.
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